Frequent asked questions

Q1- Will my token be banned for using your services?

NO! As long as your voting purchases are made from us your chance of being banned from voting websites is ZERO. Our software uses unique IP adresses and real users profiles to vote. Which is why it is essential that you exclusively use our voting services to ensure the safety of your token.

Q2- What is your estimated delivery time? When can I expect the votes?

Our software’s voting speed changes on each website. You can expect approximately 500 votes every hour. We can augment this speed depending on the order.

Q3- How many votes can I buy? Are the vote counts fixed?

You can pick and choose from the packages available in our website. Our smallest package is 500, while our biggest package 10.000 votes. Feel free to contact us if the specific amount of votes that you require is not available in our website.

Q4- How can I get in contact with you if I encounter a problem?

You can contact us about whatever problem that you have had through our live 24/7 support channel, Telegram, and mail.

Q5- Can you vote on a website that is not on your list?

You can contact us about voting on a website that we do not currently have on the list. After a review with our technical team, we will get in contact with you about whether we can or can’t vote on that website.

Q6- What do I need to do to work with you in becoming a dealer?

You can contact us through live chat and Telegram to become a dealer and benefit from our amazing prices.